High Fidelity Data for Transparent & Accountable Supply Chains

We’re helping organizations like yours to real-time collect high fidelity data to substantiate and validate product and sustainability claims.
Partners & Customers

Chainparency works with its customers and partners to foster sustainability and to achieve transparent and ethically responsible supply chains globally.


Record every step, from the origin to end-user, on an immutable, distributed ledger


Individual items, parcels, crates & containers are scanned and digitally recorded to the paper-free blockchain ledger


View real-time insights of shipments and product geolocation en route to a destination


Verify accurate location, timing & delivery of all of your assets to their final destination


A simple, reliable way to manage your supply chain

Build relationships with consumers

Give consumers the information they need to build trust for your company and product. You can also give them the ability to connect and engage with your company.

Introduce trust & transparency

Provide companies the ability to share verifiable claims with their partners and consumers to improve confidence in the authenticity of information about the product and its history.

Improve margins for stakeholders

Stories sell. Provide consumers with the ability to know the story behind their product. Consumers’ sentiment indicates that they will gladly pay more and purchase larger quantities of products that they know are sustainable, cruelty-free, and benefiting local businesses.

Native integrations with multiple tagging solutions

Use your own tagging solution or choose one from our curated network of tagging partners which includes Shape Matrix, Two Hands, and more.

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Detect Fraud

Chainparency's fraud detection features can alert you when things are out of the norm.

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“Digitally connecting fishers & farmers directly to buyers and consumers not only eliminates unnecessary middlemen and enhances prospects for better income and livelihoods for producers but also optimizes global supply chains for end-to-end traceability, food safety, and authentic provenance.”

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