Our mission

Restoring trust through community and technology

Our digital modernization solutions and applications serve to verify a variety of claims ranging from sustainability, regulatory compliance to ethical, humane sourcing. Our blockchain technology applications provide unparalleled trust and transparency of supply chains globally.

GoTrace is the first true, turnkey out-of-the-box blockchain-based traceability solution that can be easily deployed by any organization regardless of size or budget. A mobile-first solution, GoTrace enables the granular track and trace of key data elements and critical tracking events -- all auditable and recorded on a highly scalable, enterprise-grade, and “green” immutable blockchain ledger.

SMEs with basic supply chain needs are able to quickly deploy a blockchain traceability solution in minutes. For larger organizations with a greater number of SKUs and / or complex supply chains, GoTrace can also be configured as needed and integrated with any legacy software and hardware systems.