Chainparency is a global blockchain technology solutions company focused on the problems of trust and authenticity.

Our digital modernization solutions and applications serve to verify a variety of claims ranging from sustainability, regulatory compliance to ethical, humane sourcing. Our blockchain technology applications provide unparalleled trust and transparency of supply chains globally.

Restoring trust through community and technology

We are the authority on GoChain enterprise solutions. We offer both custom, bespoke digitization solutions for clients, as well as our own proprietary products for enterprises globally. Our first application GoTrace is a turnkey blockchain-based software as a solution traceability system, which provides enterprises of all sizes, from small scale harvesters and producers to multinational companies, with an out-of-the-box, blockchain-based traceability solution that enables the granular track and trace of key data elements and critical tracking events -- all auditable and recorded on an immutable public ledger. Industry agnostic, our work is especially well-suited for advancing sustainability, driving efficiencies, ensuring compliance, and modernizing supply chains globally.

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