The Problem

What is the best way to engage with customers after they have purchased your product? The reality is that most consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies today continue to experience considerable challenges with engaging their customers post-purchase.

Postcards, newsletters, and exclusive offers are examples of methods a company might employ to engage their customers. However, more often than not, these attempts fall short and can often even considered an annoyance by the customer.

Additionally, a customer may post a review on a third-party site, such as Yelp, Twitter, or Google. It is more likely for one to post a review when they experience a problem with a product rather than when a product is appreciated. This could have adverse implications for your company, since these reviews are public and ultimately out of your control.


Aftermarket enables companies to engage with customers after they purchase a product


The customer might be prompted to provide feedback about a product they purchased, therefore they will be able to personally help improve the product to fit their desires.


A company can adeptly upsell a customer another product if they enjoyed the initial product.

Product Registration

Purchased products can be registered for further features.


Upon the event that help with the product is needed, the customer can easily contact the manufacturer.


Accommodate the customer with the option to receive benefits by marketing the product through social media or sharing with friends.

Brand Loyality

Provide the options for consumers to take part in activities or communities related to the product.


Gather brand new inights

Customer locations

Learn where your customers are stationed, revealing plenty of possibilities to improve the customer experience.

Customer identities

Discovering more about the identities of your customers allows you to accurately target certain demographics.

Identify geographical trends

There will be large disparities in product popularity between locations; having this information is useful for optimizing your supply chain.

Compare trends tp marketing efforts

There's nothing worse than exhausting resources for ineffective marketing campaigns. Finding correlations between trends and marketing efforts can ensure you move in the right direction going forward.


How it works


QR Code

The user scans a QR code that is on the product label


Product page

A web-page is pulled up where the customer sees the following info:

  • The "product journey" if you are using GoTrace
  • Product information / details
  • Company information
  • Options for the customer (rating, newsletter, feedback)

Aftermarket is coming soon.

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