GoTrace Fraud Detection


Secure your supply chain with GoTrace

GoTrace cannot stop counterfeiting, but we can identify it with data and AI to protect you and your customers.

Detect Fraud

Our AI monitors for anomalies and fraudulent activities in the supply chain, like two or more scans of the same product occurring in different locations. Disparities in the blockchain ledger indicate that counterfeiting has likely taken place, alerting those involved in the supply chain.

Alert Stakeholders

Should fraud be detected in the supply chain by GoTrace's extensive monitoring capabilities, the stakeholders can be notified prior to the product reaching the consumer, before it becomes a liability.

Alert Consumers

We can also alert the consumer if the product is already in their possession. They would be advised to refrain from using the product and contact the company immediately. In this scenario, the company will also be automatically notified.


GoTrace's Fraud Detection Can Change the Game

Critical Example

GoTrace could recognize when medical provisions such as vaccines or pharmaceuticals are being counterfeited or falsified and provide an immediate alert to the stakeholders to warn them that their product could be a fake. When fraud is exhibited in an environment where one's life may depend on the proper delivery of a product, it is crucial to ensure the supply chain is not subjected to any fraudulent activity. This is done by using GoTrace to track and trace the products in the supply chain, and thus become aware of fraud before it's too late. This protects the consumer and your business.

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