Benefits of GoTrace

Verify claims and authenticate products

Transparent supply chains

Precise journey maps

Granular track and traceability

Real-time tracking and auditability of transactions

Digitization; digitally transformative

Enhanced compliance capabilities and operational efficiencies

Highly scalable and affordable

Sustainable, mobile-first Zero-paper solution

Key features

Track & Traceability Solution

Mobile first solution

With a smartphone and access to a printer, users are able to quickly launch a blockchain traceability solution “in minutes”

Blockchain ledger

Real-time auditability and recording of transactions on a cryptographically secure, immutable public blockchain ledger


Receive timely insights and alerts on tracked assets as well as geofenced locations within your supply chain


Easily generate and share traceability reports on a real-time basis

Hardware and software agnostic; GoTrace is highly flexible and compatible with legacy systems

Ability to integrate with any logistics, transportation, data collection, and other technology solution providers

Consumer solution

Consumer facing solution: customers are able to view journey maps, blockchain-authenticated data, and other relevant product information

Additional Features

Blockchain-based high-throughput, batch processing solutions

Aftermarket and e-commerce value-added solutions

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Sustainability solution

GoTrace is built on a highly scalable, affordable, and “green” blockchain protocol anchored by highly reputable and trustworthy organizations to include Publicly-traded & Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and universities


Customers / prospects: from small scale harvester & producers, SMEs, publicly traded companies, to government agencies.

Flexible plans based on anticipated monthly transactions volume and on-chain verification needs