Asset Tokenization


All transactions are recorded on an immutable blockchain ledger

Timeliness & Speed

Transactions and real-time processed and recorded


The blockchain becomes the single source of truth among all stakeholders

Security & Integrity

Blockchain-authenticated transactions are cryptographically secure and irreversible resulting in the generation of high fidelity data


Blockchain-based wallets provide multi-factor authentication and cryptographically-secure digital methods for proving an individual’s identity


Asset tokenization enables easy wallet to wallet transfer of digital tokens (tokenized assets) resulting not only in easy transfer of ownership but also the unlocking of value for typically illiquid assets


Digital asset denomination enables fractional ownership and opportunities for a broad range of individuals, regardless of level of wealth or standing, to own and invest in assets and / or to access financing / funding


Assets and records are digitized resulting in significant operational efficiencies


Our Platform

As a global blockchain leader focused on issues of trust and authenticity, Chainparency’s asset tokenization platform provides enterprises, governments, and individuals with exceptional opportunities to harness blockchain technology and to uniquely benefit from digital tokenized solutions. Our platform provides a variety of service offerings to include:

  • Responsible minting and issuance of digital tokens
    • Fungible
      • Substitutable, interchangeable, and transferable tokens
    • Non-fungible
      • Unique, limited quantity
      • Transferable and non-transferable
  • Tokenized asset discovery, procurement, and transference of ownership
  • Digital wallets and identity solutions to facilitate transfer and ownership of tokens
  • Smart contracts to encode specifics related to each token issuance and usage
  • Real-time auditability of transactions and ownership via a public blockchain ledger
  • More ...

Asset Tokenization

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